Good Luck! Do you believe in it?

Many people believe that success is primarily a matter of luck. In other words it is simply an accident that happens to a person with good fortune. While there are many forces in the universe that we do not understand which affect our lives, I have learned through my IIGL studies that so called “luck” is something that can be created, managed and even forecasted by learning to use certain principles. And what are these?

Here are the 12 success principles that I have learned to create and manage a life of ‘good luck.”

Clearly Identify What You Want

As they say, if you do not know where you are going, then you will never know when you get there.

Have an Action Plan

It’s not enough to know where you are going. You also need to know how and when you plan to get there.


Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between something ‘real’ or imagined. When you visual (imagine) your goal as already accomplished and get excited about it you activate very powerful inner resources that will work overtime in helping you to realize your goal.

Act As If…

Start acting as if you have already achieved your goal. If you want to be a millionaire then act like one. Don’t talk about how you don’t have money or your humble background. Dress smartly. Go to places that millionaires go. But above all, be confident in yourself. I am not saying that you will be considered successful if you are a millionaire. I know of many people who are extremely successful but do not have a penny or dime to their names because what they consider success is what someone else will not see as success. Success is relative, but however you define it for yourself, the same principles apply.

Trust Your Instinct

Whether you call it instinct, intuition or divine guidance, learn to quieten your mind and listen to that ‘still small voice’ within each time you face a situation that requires a decision. When you learn to trust your own inner wisdom, it will become clearer and clearer and you you will get the answers you need

Be Flexible

Regardless of the circumstances you face, learn to step back, re-evaluate the situation and be ready to adjust accordingly. Learn to adjust your priorities according to the circumstances.

Be Decisive

Perhaps you have heard “not to decide is to decide.” How true this is. Indecisiveness not only leaves you in a muddle, but it puts the decision into the hands of others or simply circumstances. Successful people are decision makers. But make sure the decision is yours and not based on what someone else wants.

Be Responsible

If things aren’t going the way you planned, don’t complain or blame others. That only disempowers yourself. Assume personal responsibility for making the necessary changes to create what you want. In other words, we always have a choice of focusing on what we don’t want (complaining & blaming) or focusing on what we do want (taking positive action). Successful people focus on what they want and take action.

Persevere, Persevere, Persevere

Results& success don’t come from half-hearted action. They come from the commitment to stick to your plan until you succeed. This often demands sustained effort, sometimes in spite of many challenges and after repeated failure.

Conviction & Courage

Courage is the child of conviction. If you don’t have a strong belief in yourself and your goals, you wan’t have the courage to pursue them in the face of adversity or setbacks.

Right Attitude

Right Attitude is a positive attitude. It is the belief that you can do whatever you set out to do. This is the mother of all of the other qualities. Right attitude gives birth to conviction and courage. Cultivate the right attitude and half the battle is won. Cultivate the right attitude and you are the creator of your own luck.

Self Discipline

Successful people – people who accomplish their goals – are people who have learned to manage themselves to carry out their daily tasks. Having goals is essential but if you don’t have the self-discipline to follow through on the necessary tasks for reaching those goals, then they are useless. I have learnt the hard way to apply such principles daily, otherwise I would be setting myself up for disappointment.

Success and happiness are not accidents. If you master the principles that create ‘luck’ you will increase the probability that you will be in the right places at the right time to accomplish the things that are most important to you.

For example, I never thought of having what I had last year so fast, because it amazes me how they came into place. Most of my friends said it is Luck, but I told them it is hard work and I concentrate on the luck principles, which if they follow will also work for them. The thing is that we should be prepared for success.

Don’t wish or wait for a visit from ‘lady luck.’ Prepare for her and you will be surprised how quickly she shows up. Others may call it luck but with a secret smile you will know that you were properly prepared to be in the right place at the right time for synchronicity to bring you success.


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