Why Ask? The Power of Asking!

If you want to enjoy life at your best, all you have to do is to know what you want and how to go about it or ask for it. Sometimes, what we want in life evades us for the simple reason that we don’t ask. I read a book titled ‘Ask and it is given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the book talks about our co-creators within a magnificently diverse Universe. If we have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, the Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto us. The Universe is like a kitchen well stocked with every ingredients one can imagine at our disposal. And within every particle of this Universe is that which is wanted and the lack of it.

If you do not know what you don’t want, you will not have the ability to know what you do want. And so, it is through our exposure to life experience that our natural preferences are born. Once you consciously observe, from your own creative perspective, how each new achievement in life leads to another new desire, you will begin to personally understand your part in this expansive Universe. And, in time, you will come to remember that you never get it done because you never cease your awareness of the contrast out of which is always born a new idea or desire. The entire Universe is established in that way. And as you begin to relax into the idea that you are an eternal being, that your desires will never cease to flow, and that any desire that is born has the power within it to attract all that is necessary for the expansion and fulfillment of itself, then you may remember the immense well–being upon which this Universe is established. And, you may then relax into the eternal nature of your own being. It is then that you will begin to enjoy your journey. If your goal is to, once and for all, achieve all that you desire, you will find yourself unable to ever fulfill that goal, for the expanding nature of this Universe defies that idea, you cannot ever get it done because you cannot ever cease to be, and neither can you ever halt your awareness. Yet, out of your awareness will always be born another asking, and each asking always command’s another answering. So, the contrast causes a new desire to be born within you. The new desire radiates from you and as you offer the vibration of your new desire, that desire is answered. Every time, when you ask, it is given. There are all sorts of requests that we want but never achieve, why? When the reality is, we have not taken the boldest step of all; ASKING! One should have the power of asking, that is develop the confidence, desire and willingness and put it into your hands. Do not settle for less than you want, less than you deserve, and less than is truly possible.


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